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Perle Noir Pool Surfaces Plaster ProductsNature and Water are primary sources of life and deservedly provide inspiration for art and design. Pool Surfaces as a leading designer and manufacturer of interior plaster pool finishes provides architectural and landscape design professionals with a variety of products, specifications, and education regarding proper use of plaster, architectural color selection, water color concepts for effect, design and use of a variety of exposed aggregate, and plaster shaping and finishing techniques.

A swimming pool is a focal point, a place for gathering, a source of relaxation. Interior pool finish selection, particularly with the ever changing prism effects of water, is the most interactive element of the pool’s design. Pool Surfaces’ designs have the ability to effect one’s senses of sight, touch, equilibrium and intuitive insight. Please allow us to help you understand the possibilities of pool interior design.

Pool Surfaces – Distinctive, Discriminating Selections of Pool Plaster

Architectural Finish Choices, classified by type of aggregate: